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I2U2 Calendar

See below about how you can subscribe to this calendar.  

Subscription Information

You can subscribe directly to this calendar in one of sevaral ways:
Google Calendar
Press this button to add this calendar to your existing Google calendars:
Use this link to ADD a copy of this calendar to iCal. (This adds a copy of the calendar as it is right now, it is not a subscription.)

This page include an ATOM/XML feed of the calendar. Use your browser's RSS/ATOM ability to subscribe to the feed.

If you use Microsoft Outlook it is possible to use the "Sync" feature of Google Calendar to syncronize events with Outlook. (At present it is only possible to syncronize events from your primary Google calendar and your default Microsoft Outlook calendar, but we expect in the future to be able to syncronize secondary calendars.) Read more...

Bookmark it
You could just bookmark this page.

Or you can use this link to go directly to just the bare calendar, then bookmark that.

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