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    November 27, 2008
    Listening to the Stars - Nov 2008
    Read the latest news from the LIGO Hanford Observatory, including the new "Golf Ball Racer" exhibit and the new Output Mode Cleaners.
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    September 30, 2008
    I2U2 is hiring
    "Interactions in Understanding the Universe" would like to hire a software developer. See the Bulletin Board for details.
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    June 13, 2008
    Availability of LIGO data over the summer
    Due to work at the LIGO Hanford Observatory this summer, there may be occasions when new data are not being generated for the LIGO e-Lab. See the Bulletin Board for more details.
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    June 6, 2008
    LIGO data interuption
    Due to a framebuilder upgrade on Thursday minute trend and second trend PEM data are not being made available to I2U2. This has been reported and a fix is in the works. Expect data to flow again later today, or soon after. Fixed.

    2 May 2008
    Cosmic Ray e-Lab milesone
    On Tuesday, 29 April 2008 the Cosmic Rays e-Lab database crossed a significant milestone: 15,000 data files. We have grown by 5,000 files in one year. Thanks to those schools contributing uploads. Keep up the data flow.

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